Remote work + gym day and 5 ways to stay productive

The beauty of being a remote worker is that you can decide where your office is located. The home office is an obvious choice. But when you have a membership at a gym, which also has a lounge area, then why not mix up your week.

There’s a lot of productivity advice out there, this is not advice. I was simply thinking about how I can stay more productive when not isolated in my home office.

My remote work at the gym tips:

  1. Noise canceling headphones
    Get yourself a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Most gyms can be noisy places, much more so than your open floor plan office. I often find that during the day gyms are not as busy as after work, but there still can be a good number of people working out.
  2. Work out immediately when you arrive
    The temptation to work out is real. That’s why you’re at the gym in the first place. So I like to get a┬ásolid workout in right from the beginning so I feel accomplished and have fatigued my muscles. Really it’s not unlike working out before going into the office. Just that in this case the office is the lounge area.
  3. Take normal breaks and get some exercise
    Going for walks is a normal break exercise. Having a gym full of equipment is even better. When your gym has a bouldering area, it’s easy to get a few quick routes in on a 15-minute break.
  4. Bring your lunch and snacks
    It’s convenient working at home or in an office where you can quickly grab a coffee, a snack, or warm up some leftovers for lunch. By bringing a sack lunch and some snacks, you’ll stay energized while avoiding snacking too much. Also, if there’s not a kitchen available to members, ask if they have a staff microwave you could use.
  5. Don’t do it every day
    Moderation is key. If you turn your gym into your remote office, you’ll end up not wanting to put in long workouts. I aim for 1 – 2 days a week working in the gym. And a lot of the time I work half-days at the gym, meeting climbing friends at the end of the day for a solid session.

Time to send some projects! (to my boss that is).

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